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    GREAT WALL GEMS FACTORY is a HPHT diamond rough, CVD diamond rough and gemstone crystal manufacturer in Wuzhou, China.

    We have been in gemstones and jewelry field for more than 30 years. And we started to produce and supply hpht diamond rough from 2014. From 2015, we began to produce CVD diamond rough too. Now we can supply both HPHT rough and CVD rough steadily for the diamond companines all around the world.

    Our products include: HPHT dimaond rough, CVD diamond rough, cubic zirconia (CZ), crystal, spinel, red and blue corundum, etc.

    The available sizes of HPHT diamond rough vary from 0.5ct to 10ct. And they are divided into A+, A, B+ and B four quality grades.

    The CVD diamond rough is available from 3ct to 12ct sizes mainly now.

    Our HPHT rough and CVD rough sell very well in China and overseas. Now we have exported our products to many nations and regions, including: Belgium, Russia, Israel, USA and India, etc.

    We are sure that our high quality and great service will meet your satisfaction and needs. You are welcome to establish business relationship with us on the basis of mutual benefit. We will always try our best to serve you well both in prices and quality!!

    Note: If you need our HPHT or CVD rough products, please only contact us via our email directly.


Contact:   Pan yong qing

Email:  gwgem@126.com

Wechat:  15115899001

Website:   www.greatwallgems.com

Phone:   0086-15115899001

Fax:   0086-774-3818956

Address:  No. 16, Xiachong, Wuzhou, Guangxi, China.

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